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Carrie Deline

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2016


I was born in Denver, Colorado, but have been living in Los Angeles for the past two years going to school. I am a rising junior at Loyola Marymount University, where I am studying mechanical engineering. Areas within my studies that I find particularly interesting involve the aerospace industry and the themed entertainment industry. I am very interested in space travel and the potential travel paths from Earth to Mars and Earth to the International Space Station, based on the time of year and location in orbit. Furthermore, I am highly interested in the different methods for developing the rides and virtual realities that are created at theme parks, such as Disneyland.

Project: Satellite Image Recognition

Using the Classify function, I developed a machine learning program that determines the biome of an area based off of its satellite image. The program uses one of ten different classifier functions based off of the square radius of the image. The image, based on its radius, will then be classified, and the biome and related information will be output.