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Isaac Ayala

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2016


I’m a mechatronics engineering undergraduate student at ITESM Toluca. I’ve had a passion for knowledge since a young age, which has led me to get involved in several areas of engineering, such as robotics, vehicle design and simulation, programming and automation.

I’ve participated in several student groups as an adviser and as a leader, including as a CAD mentor for my school’s FRC team in 2014, leading the PACE RSMS project for my university and being the founding leader of our new robotics team. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and helping others reach greater heights; thus, I teach people new software and write documentation for FreeCAD, under the alias of Drei.

I am experienced in the use of NX and SOLIDWORKS, with some programming experience in C, Assembly, LabVIEW and Python. My focus is in 8-bit PICs, having developed several robotics projects with such a platform.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and French, and enjoy reading literature written in those languages. My spare time is spent fixing faulty electronics and reading research articles published in IEEE and arXiv.

Project: Mapping of Indoor Environments with the Wolfram Language and Raspberry Pi

The objective is to generate a 2D map of a robot’s environment through the Wolfram Language. A robot is built with the purpose of obtaining data and feeding it to a Raspberry Pi for processing.

The generation of the map considers the detection of basic geometrical features of objects, with the possibility of distinguishing obstacles from the room’s delimitations (walls).