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Sa’di Altamimi

Educational Innovation

Class of 2016


Sa’di Altamimi received his bachelor of science degree, with highest honors, in communication and electronics engineering from Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Palestine in 2013. He worked for three years at PPU as a lab supervisor teaching signal processing, digital systems design, mobile communications and antennas labs. Currently, he’s pursuing a master of engineering degree in electrical engineering (signal processing track) at the University of Ottawa in Canada. His research interests include applying AI to develop games, control intelligent robots and process natural language.

In his spare time, Sa’di enjoys cooking and coding as well as volunteering (mainly coaching at STEM-related competitions and clubs). He also loves playing chess, Abalone, table tennis and video games (mainly Battlefield).

Project: mBot for Real-Time Data Processing

This project is about designing an exploration/demo to teach students how to collect, process and visualize real-time data using Mathematica and mBot robots. This is illustrated through a scenario of a robot placed in an unknown environment, used to discover and plot a map in real-time using an ultrasonic/color sensor’s readings.