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Samuel Buteau

Summer School

Class of 2015


At the University of Ottawa, I studied physics (undergraduate), and now mathematics (master’s), but using the internet and books, I have also explored many topics, including computer science, behavioral biology, history, machine learning, renewable energy, meditation, etc.

In the future, I will try to increase the problem-solving capacity of humanity. Here are some directions that seem promising, and that I hope to explore in time:

  1. An education system
    1. promoting skills useful for self-improvement, motivation, and cooperation;
    2. focusing on knowledge and abilities with a wide range of applicability;
    3. adapting to individuals (both the topics presented, and the pedagogical approach); and
    4. optimally using the limited supply of really good teachers. This might also include improvements in the early brain development of children through nutrition etc., as well as gene therapy (though this is not in my near future plans).
  2. A culture that provides proper motivation and direction to individuals trying to solve important problems, and that drives children to realize their full potential. Is there any hope for an intellectual renaissance in which everybody has a place, and where no child is left behind?
  3. Finally, infrastructures not only able to sustain large communities, but that benefit from large, and mostly undirected, ambient intellectual efforts.