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Carlos Afonso

Summer School

Class of 2015


Carlos Afonso is currently finishing a master’s of research at the University of Oxford, with the project “Using high-resolution MRI and histology for structural remodeling and structure-function studies in atrial fibrillation.”

Initially Carlos obtained a BSc and MSc in physics engineering, with distinction, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal’s leading engineering school. There he was awarded a research scholarship to do his MSc thesis on “Numerical Calculation of Primordial Gravitational Waves from Loop Quantum Cosmology,” for which he used Mathematica.

Afterward, Carlos was awarded a training and research scholarship to pursue his interest in the biological sciences. After completing a one-year training in computational biology at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal, Carlos was accepted to Oxford, where he is currently a postgraduate research student at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and an assistant junior dean at Mansfield College.

Carlos has advanced programming experience in Mathematica and Matlab and intermediate programming experience in Fortran, C, Java, and Python. He is interested in and has developed/organized activities in science, education, poetry, dance, basketball, and swimming. Carlos speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Carlos is passionate about Wolfram’s computational knowledge vision, and especially interested in using the Wolfram Language to make scientific knowledge accessible and understandable to everyone.

Project: ASKA—All Science Knowledge About

PubMed hosts more than 26,000,000 biomedical references, and is growing at about 1,000,000 per year. It is humanly impossible to keep atop this abundance of information. The general goal of my project is to curate the knowledge in the PubMed articles and make it computational (for machine processing) and humanly understandable. The practical goal is to use the Wolfram Language to get publication data from PubMed, extract the knowledge from the data, and present that knowledge in an understandable way.


Timeline of all articles with “coffee” in the title in the last 30 years

WordCloud of 100 PubMed articles with the term “coffee”

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