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Antonio Rueda-Toicen

Summer School

Class of 2014


Antonio is currently finishing his master’s degree in bioengineering with a focus in medical image processing at Central University of Venezuela. During his studies he has developed an interest in computer vision, machine learning, and topics in emergent computing. For his bachelor’s thesis in computer science, he developed and implemented on GPUs a parallelized segmentation algorithm based on a cellular automaton, designed to aid in the planning of radiosurgical treatment of brain tumors when multiple modalities of magnetic resonance imaging are considered. He also got some cool results when applying the method to multispectral satellite images. For his master’s degree thesis, he is working on incorporating prior knowledge of fractality to the segmentation process.

Antonio has worked as a software developer, researcher, trainer, technical writer, and translator for a variety of companies.

He currently works developing medical software, and wants to keep doing research that improves medical treatments and lives. He wants to write software that matters.

He’s also writing (and rewriting, and rewriting, and…) a novel titled “Sol”. It may get finished someday.

Project: Fractal Dimension of Brain Tumors

It’s interesting to estimate the fractal dimension of biological structures, and this may have various applications in the diagnosis of cancer.

I’ll work on various methods to estimate the fractal dimension of segmented tumor volumes and tumor slices in MRI.

Favorite Outer Totalistic r=1, k=2 2D Cellular Automaton

Rule 181411