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Filippo Visco-Comandini

Summer School

Class of 2013


In 2011, Filippo got a PhD in Applied Mathematics at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt and now he is currently enrolled as a post-doc at IFSTTAR. His current research interests are in health monitoring on civil structures. In his thesis “Some Inverse Scattering Problems on Graphs: Application to Fault Detection in Electrical Transmission Networks”, he studied an inverse scattering problem for the telegrapher’s equation, having in mind electrical industrial problems. He previously earned a master’s degree in Pure Mathematics in Rome, his hometown, focusing on spin geometry.

He is an “amateur” chef and loves to travel.

Project: Classification of the Universe of Sounds

Humans are able to to recognize sounds. Can computers do the same? My project deals with the classification of sound: I am thinking about a program capable of recognizing if a given sound comes from a human voice, from a trumpet, or from car’s engine.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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