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John Sims

Summer School

Class of 2013


John took most of high school online through Escondido Classical Tutorials, from which he graduated a year early in 2011. His love of the classics (in particular Leibniz and Newton) drove him to a love of chemistry and engineering. In 2010 he began working as an Assistant Viticulturist on a prestigious vineyard in Texas. At this time he used his understanding of chemistry and agriculture to perform pruning tests on roughly 10 acres of vines. His research led to a change in pruning methods in the area. At this time John worked beside the state Enologist and Viticulturist. These experiences led him to choose winemaking and production as his vocation.

Currently John is enrolled at South Plains College pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has excelled academically, having won two awards from the college.

John also has a passion for music and literature, both of which consume most of his free time.

John’s classical education has made him inquisitive about all subjects and passionate to learn.

Project: Analyzing Wine Statistics and Enology

My goal is to assemble a large database of wine information from the public domain, and evaluate that information using Mathematica.

I also hope to create a new equation modeling the decay of sugar and yeast in the wine-making process. The formula for calculating this (the Pearson Square) is quite old and is known for its inaccuracy. My plan is to apply the NKS methods to my research to create a more accurate equation.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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