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Lucas Kang

Summer School

Class of 2013


Lucas Kang is a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Alexandria, Virginia. He has a passion for understanding the behavior of complex systems, and often utilizes his expertise in physics, mathematics, and computer programming to gain new-found perspectives on any topic that interests him. Besides his enthusiasm in the sciences, Lucas also enjoys multiple hobbies, including playing soccer, playing his violin, cooking gourmet food, and reading.

Project: An Analysis of Class 4 Behavior in LDCA – 1 – 2

Long-distance cellular automata use spaced sample nodes, rather than the ECA’s consecutive ones. This allows LDCA to possess certain properties, such as the repetition of state-transition diagrams in a list of cellular automaton rules. At the beginning of WSSS2013, I studied the patterns of repetition in the rules and found a relationship between lengths of repeated patterns, LDCA spacing (x, y), and initial tape length in LDCA of form LDCA – xyn.

My project then evolved into a study of Class 4 behavior in ECA rules applied to LDCA configurations of form LDCA – 1 – y, for y in range [1,30]. In my project, I analyzed the behavior of Rule 73 in configuration LDCA – 1 – 2.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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