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Joe Haley

Summer School

Class of 2013


Joe has a PhD in Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an MS from Louisiana State University, and a BSBA from Creighton University. He has 32 years of university teaching experience, currently teaching in the Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate Department at St. Cloud State University (Minnesota). He previously taught at universities in South Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Texas. His academic interests include the insurance underwriting cycle and convincing students of the importance of understanding randomness. After playing loads of baseball and basketball in his youth, his current favorite pastime is bicycling. He regularly bicycles 20 miles (round-trip) to work.

Project: The Property-Liability Insurance Underwriting Cycle

Property-liability insurance industry profits are characterized by somewhat regular fluctuations, and are known as the underwriting cycle. This phenomenon is of interest because insurance company profits should, theoretically, behave in a more random fashion due to the I will model the property-liability insurance industry underwriting cycle based on customers’ loss distribution assumptions and a simplistic shopping around behavior on the part of the customers. The assumed 10 insurance companies will choose premiums based on expected market shares, expected losses, and risk preferences. The observed outputs will be profits and market share.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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