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Vladimir Grankovsky

Summer School

Class of 2013


Vladimir is currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer engineering. He has a strong knowledge of Computer Science and also some experience in hardware design.

Right now, he is in search of a future area of work/study/research. At this moment (2013) he is considering two possible options: take part in the path to singularity, or go to cutting-edge medicine (nanobots or more likely the radical life extension). Google both of them to find out more. For that reason he is taking some biology/anatomy and computer science-oriented courses.

Project: Research of Automata of Cells Moving According to Rules?

From the point of view of nanotechnology, the game of life is far from reality, unlike the automata where each unit can move according to some rule. The number of the units always stays the same (the units are representing nanobots).

The first research subject is the units with local rules (each unit looks at its direct neighbors and moves in some direction according to the rule). The second subject is researching the rules allowing >1 color (state) for units.

The third subject is making each unit a more complex computer.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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