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Jacob Granger

Summer School

Class of 2013


Jacob could be defined by an academic merit: a not-very-recent recruit to a large location of learning in the region of the country from which he originated. The literary movement after the Modern movement, feminine and queer theory, and inquiring into the nature of non-ethereal phenomena appeal to him, to name a few. Writing about any kind of life experience that may pertain to him or being around a multitude of people appear unappealing to him. He would rather not write this bio, but authority demanded he write one.

Project: Modeling Reversible Physical Systems

There is currently research being conducted into constructing physical computers. During the usage of these physical systems, the elements of the computer are generally neither created nor destroyed; the application of an automaton that only uses one active cell per evolution could be a vital asset to model local and deterministic physical systems. The goal of the project is to research many reverse mobile automaton rules and find a universal Turing Machine from these automata. Reversible mobile automata rules have never been extensively studied, and there is great potential in the application of reversible mobile automata, especially with the successes found in the NKS approach to cellular automata.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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