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Walter Erquinigo

Summer School

Class of 2013


Walter Erquinigo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He has successfully participated in several Computer Science and Mathematics competitions during his studies, such as the ACM ICPC World Finals. He has also been an intern at Facebook and Google, where he worked with big data and distributed systems. His main areas of interest are Graphs, Stringology, and Philosophy (particularly graphs… he loves them!).

Project: Code-Dependency Analysis

Code-dependency analysis treats the relations and dependencies between certain portions of code. Since Mathematica is a functional language, this analysis is on symbols (i.e. which symbols a certain symbol depends on). There were previous attempts to do static analysis (such as this article by David Wagner) but they were incomplete due to languange limitations. Now it is possible with the new features built into Mathematica 10: the Inactive and Inactivate functions, which allow you to inactivate every symbol or function in a code.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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