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Mayla Boguslav

Summer School

Class of 2013


Mayla is an undergraduate student at Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), majoring in Mathematics and Pre-Medical Studies and Jewish Thought, respectively. She enjoys mathematics research, and last summer researched a part of game theory and number theory. She also presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, where she learned the large and vast application of math to all other fields. After undergrad, Mayla wants to continue her education at an MD/PhD program in Mathematics and Medicine, in order to explore the newer field of Mathematical Biology.

Project: Functions Defined by Infinite Series

Many functions of the real numbers can be conveniently expressed as infinite series or, in particular, as power series. The purpose of this project is to exhaustively search a large family of infinite series, with the goal of discovering new and interesting functions that have not previously been studied in the mathematical literature. For example, using infinite series in 1872, Karl Weierstrass constructed a function that is nowhere differentiable. We hope to find similarly counter-intuitive and surprising functions in our exhaustive search.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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