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Jiří Beran

Summer School

Class of 2013


Jiří is studying Nanotechnology at Palacky University. He is interested in natural science, mathematics, and IT. He is working at a local IT company during his studies. However, after finishing his studies he would like to work as a researcher in nanotechnology and maybe start his own company in this field.

Project: Distribution of Void Places in CA Evolution


My goal is to analyze the distribution of voids during the CA evolution. Firstly, we will concern 1D CA and then maybe 2D or even 3D CA. For example, using the 1D CA I will be testing a measuring for quantifying, position, and size of voids. In 1D CAs, the voids are “triangles”; however, in 2D CAs, the shapes will be much more complicated. After testing non-reversible CAs, I will test differences in the distribution between reversible and non-reversible CAs.

How to reach the goal

Finding “triangles” won’t be too hard (I hope). My idea is to measure the average neighborhood value of every white cell. If the number is close to zero, it might be the void I am looking for. The closer this number approaches zero, the bigger the “triangle” is. This procedure will be repeated at every consecutive time step in order to get some insight into the temporal dynamics of the voids.


I am hoping to find CAs that can simulate growth and number of cavities during sonification.

Project: Heat Map of Cavitation


My goal is to simulate the influence of cavities and ultrasound on the final temperature of the surrounding liquid. I will use a 2D heatmap to visualize the exact temperature in liquid.

How to reach the goal

After a discussion with my instructor, we decided to use Continuous CA. The main idea is to use a Cellular Automaton-Based Heat Equation to simulate the heat flow in the surrounding liquid.


The perfected text of my work is following. I will be able to simulate the temperature of whole liquid after sonification.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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