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Mohamed Zaghloul

Summer School

Class of 2012


Mohamed Zaghloul holds a Msc degree and works as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University Architecture department. He is one of the founders of ENCODE Studio. His current research interests are on design through awareness of integrating mathematics, geometrics, physics, engineering, and architecture. He is currently working on a PhD thesis focusing on using CA systems to analyze the growth of building performances. In addition, he is a developer of Mantis add-on tools for Grasshopper—a Rhino plugin—to link it with the Mathematica kernel directly.

Project: A New Kind of Building Skin Analysis

The goal of this project is to present a computational analytical system that uses two-dimensional cellular automata—2d CA—for analyzing and computing the transitions in performances of building skin. CA is used here to transfer building skin performance into a numerical visualization for conceiving the growth of performances, thus promising a more optimized alternatives of a passive skins. A case study shall be presented to describe a solar radiation growth performance for a façade. The transition in solar radiation performance shall be represented into a numerical coding that can be encoded as dead and live cells (0 & 1) or represented by more types of cells (0 & 1 & 2). The next step shall be figuring out the higher & lower exposed areas to the sun on the façade. The façade shall be divided into multiple regions according to the value/time. For every region, cyclical/successive 2d CA will have its own rule that attain well density/distribution. A new vision of building skin designs shall emerge.

Favorite Four-Color, Four State Turing Machine

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