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Eli Bierman

Summer School

Class of 2012


Eli is a student of geography at Hunter College and an amateur sound artist. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but thinks he’s a country boy at heart. He likes listening to and making music and wishes that there were better tools for intuitively creating and manipulating complex sounds. Hopefully he can help remediate this need. He believes that a deeper understanding of consciousness on a fundamental level is necessary for science to expand healthily. Perception of tuning systems also fascinates him. NKS seems to be a valuable tool for exploring the frontiers of complexity in digital sound.

Project: Granular Sound Synthesis Using Cellular Automata and a Relative Harmonic Network

My project is an attempt to devise a method of using a cellular automaton as an engine for sound synthesis. My aim is to explore the space of sounds produced by a cellular automaton and to discover novel methods of sound synthesis. To achieve this, I will implement a network of harmonic relationships based on Farey sequences to determine the harmonic relationships of various frequencies. I will use the data to ultimately construct a waveform utilizing granular synthesis as a method of seamlessly blending the sounds produced by discrete rows of a cellular automaton.

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