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Elena Villarreal Zapata

Summer School

Class of 2011


Elena Villarreal is an undergraduate student who will soon major in telematics (telecommunications, computer science, and electronics). Since she was a little kid, she has loved acquiring knowledge in all sorts of areas, which has led her to take part in several competitions and to have a keen interest in science and research. Two years ago she discovered cellular automata and decided to use them in data ciphering, so she started an investigation into their application in that field.

She has participated in geography and computer science contests at the national level (Mexico) and has given talks on diverse subjects such as cellular automata and their use in data ciphering, as well as antennae, programming, IPv6, and signal analysis.

Her greatest passion is learning and in her free time she loves to draw, read, write, and learn even more. Chief among her interests are: communications, networks, security, computer science, computer forensics, cryptography, programming, music, art, and design.

She continues working for her degree and at the same time researches and works at a supercomputing center in the network and security area.

Project: Sounds in Mathematica

Playing two MIDI files in Mathematica will allow the user to manipulate and create more freely a new kind of music, allowing the possibility of actually controlling the volume of each instrument independently and also each instrument behavior.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 601017