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Yuting Liu

Summer School

Class of 2011


Liu Yuting grew up in Taiwan, a U.S.-dominated anti-communist front with one of the world’s most stubborn and bloody fascist regimes (KMT), the sovereignty of which was controversial due to its relationship with China, flawed political structure, and lack of justice and international realpolitik, for which several of his family members were victims of 30 years of fraudulent trials, only to be vindicated when their lives were destroyed.

He studied mathematics at National Taiwan University; had deep concern for lives; and worked toward a more humane, just, and sustainable society.

Project: Concerning Visual Representations Of Languages—an Analysis of Cultural Controversies with Methods Indicated by NKS

Many modern Chinese language users who heavily relied on computer word processing gradually lost some abilities to produce Chinese ideograms by hand. Through computer experiments conducted to understand the correspondence between and within visual representations of languages and language utilities, this project identifies various kinds of chaotic mechanisms that contributed to the observed phenomenon. Furthermore, based on the characterization of established correspondence, languages based on ideograms and alphabets, respectively, are qualitatively differentiated. This qualitative difference has serious cultural and historical implications, which, in particular, explains why the phenomenon is profound in Chinese language, rather than alphabetical languages, such as English.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

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