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Peter Barendse

Summer School

Class of 2011


Peter Barendse was born and grew up in the United States, attended the University of Vermont, and received his PhD in mathematics from Boston University in 2010. The topic of his doctoral dissertation was combinatorial large cardinal hypotheses. He has published articles online and in The Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan.

His scholarly interests are mathematical logic, dynamical systems, theoretical computer science, physics, philosophy and economics. He is one of the first to study the theoretical capabilities of nonlocal cellular automata and model paradoxes with cellular automata.

Besides these, he enjoys teaching, playing sports (especially water sports), debating, watching and making movies and traveling.

Project: A Fun One-player CA Game

I’ll attempt to make a fun one-player game using the complexity of cellular automata or some other complex computational system. The player will be challenged to affect the evolution of the system (toward some goal) by changing as little as possible.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 879844