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Stephen McClurkin

Summer School

Class of 2010


I am a graduate student attending the University of Maryland University College online while I live in Brooklyn, New York. I’m in the Global MBA program at UMUC, and so my focus is upon international business and strategy. As part of my program, I’ve traveled to Delhi, India and Beijing and Shanghai, China to deliver team presentations to firms within those nations. While in New York, I work in the Marketing Department of STV Incorporated, an architectural/engineering firm in Manhattan. I became interested in NKS after having returned from living abroad in China for the year from 2005–2006. It interests me because it seems to be a way in which to evaluate possible new ways of thinking and interacting with our environment in a host of fields, including government, business, and politics.

Project: Randomly Linked Tandem CAs

For my project, I want to run two ECA systems of the same width and evaluate how much information has to be exchanged between the two to change the direction of one of the systems. I will run two ECA rules in tandem, with each having its own array of cell values with their own individual initial conditions. At each CA update, the neighborhood can be taken from its own array or from the corresponding position in the other array. These switches happen at random with a fixed probability p throughout each evolution. I will explore the ECA space by evaluating pairs from all 256 rules and by varying the probability (up to 100%) of cell switches between them. I hope to see how much information has to be exchanged in order for one system to exhibit a change in behavior. Possibly, the direction change depends upon either how much information is exchanged or depends upon the class of behavior in the rules of the 2 systems.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 338429