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Stefania Antonia Bogdan

Summer School

Class of 2010


I was born in 1993 in Curtea de Argeș, Romania. I am a high school student in 11th grade. My interests are physics and astronomy. My biggest accomplishment in these areas was my participation at the 2008 International Astronomy Olympiad in Italy, where I managed to obtain a bronze medal. Because of my participation in these sort of programs, I developed a real passion in the domain of scientific research. Besides my interest in natural science, I am a passionate bridge player, and I have quite a large interest in protecting and conserving the environment.

Project: Exploring Growth-Type Rules—What Type of Rule Can Reproduce a Galaxy Shape

In this project, I studied the growth-type rules in 1D, 2D, and 3D cellular automata. The shapes found for different lattices are categorized by a combination of visual inspection, programatically computed moments, and compressed data. The idea is to look for the limit of complexity of what shapes can be generated; basically, searching for what kinds of rules can have a galaxy shape evolution.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 1023532