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Raymond Aschheim

Summer School

Class of 2010


Raymond Aschheim is a mathematician with an extensive VP-level background in management at LOOX Software. He holds a MBA from HEC Entrepreneurs and graduated from Supélec. He has been reorienting himself from an IT entrepreneur into a NKS scientist since 1999 and paved the way to an NKS-E8 Theory of Everything. After inventing some human-computer interfaces, like a computer pen, graphics components, and a 3D mouse, he build the “Polytopics” project to further explore 4D spaces and better understand theoretical physics. He investigated the convergence of E_8 Lie algebra and the 24-cell polytope, on which he presented at the Intersculpt 2003, 2005, and 2007 conferences in Paris, as well as the Intersculpt 2009 conference in Metz. He focused that work into an E_8-NKS theory that he presented at the 2008 Midwest NKS Conference and continues to develop. He likes sun, snow, and water, and the sixth element.

Project: Graphitation

This project handles two-dimensional general relativity on graphs while studying curvatures and geodesics.

Space-time as a network—indeed, an undirected trivalent graph—is a fundamental hypothesis of NKS and the most natural and intuitive claim for what can be a self-contained structure. It is a structure not arising from a supposed preexisting geometry, but which relies only on the math basics of set and graph theory.

General relativity is the framework to fit any space to our physical reality. Here, we study general relativity on a graph. Last year, we designed a specific graph structure holding E8 symmetry, and were able to map topological substructures as all the known particles, with an exceptionally beautiful mathematical insight.

Favorite Four-Color Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 57899