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Bharathwaj Muthuswamy

Summer School

Class of 2009


Bharathwaj “Bartman” Muthuswamy is an EECS PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, from which he received his EECS BS in 2002 and MS in 2005. His areas of interest are nonlinear dynamical systems (chaotic circuits and cellular automata) along with embedded systems. He has held visiting professor appointments for teaching/research at the University of California, Berkeley since 2005 and has been teaching basic undergraduate electronics and advanced undergraduate control systems courses there over the last 10 years.

Besides the ultra-nerdy stuff, he enjoys playing badminton and motorcycling (and is obsessed with the latter).

Project: Classification and Investigation of Continuous Cellular Automata

In this project, the behavior of continuous cellular automata (CCA) is classified and investigated. Classification is defined here as a methodology for discerning the evolutions of CCA with different mappings. The project will investigate in detail the behavior of two specific CCA, Mod[f,1] where f is either a linear or quadratic function of the average of the cells in the neighborhood.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

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