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Kenneth Caviness

Summer School

Class of 2009


Ken Caviness teaches at Southern Adventist University, near Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. He obtained his PhD in physics at University of Massachusetts Lowell, has taught physics and mathematics in Rwanda and in Texas, USA, and has also lived in India, Austria, and France. For amusement he programs (now mostly in Mathematica) and studies languages, speaking English, French, German, and Esperanto (and others to varying degrees). Professionally his emphasis is in physics teaching, but recently his use of Mathematica has moved from building visualizations for classes and personal enjoyment to the use of Mathematica and NKS in research.

Project: Causal Networks of Sequential Substitution Systems

Causal networks will be generated corresponding to various sequential substitution systems, then each compared to the system that produced it, to see whether identifiable features of a sequential substitution system and its causal network can be correlated. These causal networks will be compared/contrasted to those of other systems, to try to improve general understanding of causal networks.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

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