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Raymond Aschheim

Summer School

Class of 2009


Raymond Aschheim is a mathematician, with extensive European management background at the VP level for Loox Software. He holds an MBA from HEC Entrepreneurs and graduated from Supélec. Reorienting himself from IT entrepreneur to NKS scientist in 1999, he paved the way to an E8-NKS Theory of Everything. After inventing some human-computer interfaces, like a computer pen, graphics components, and a 3D mouse, he built the Polytopics project to further explore 4D spaces and better understand theoretical physics. He investigated the convergence of E8 Lie algebra and the 24-cell polytope, on which he presented at the Intersculpt 2003, 2005, and 2007 conferences in Paris, and focused that work into an E8-NKS theory that he presented at the 2008 Midwest NKS Conference and continues to develop. He likes sun, snow, and water, and the sixth element.

Project: From NKS to E8 Symmetry, a Description of the Universe

“The characters [of the great book of Nature] are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures,” wrote Galileo Galilei. Realizing Galileo’s vision, using a ladder to climb from the simplest to the most complex, we can see the laws of space-time, energy, and matter. Modeling the structure of the universe, using NKS methodology, following Galileo’s path, and achieving E8 realization, assuming Lisi’s hypothesis that the universe’s complexity is described by E 8 structure and Wolfram’s hypothesis that the universe should be ultimately a simple trivalent undirected graph, we build a model of an elegant structure that encodes the universe and can be observed at four levels, revealing both Wolfram’s and Lisi’s theories. Our easy-to-understand ladder—illustrated by the Santa Maria della Scala museum, which I visited in Sienna the day after I got the vision of this structure—accurately illustrates Galileo’s statement. It shapes as an exact sequence between real numbers and the real universe. We design the minimal NKS-E8 universe as a trivalent graph of 178848 nodes. Its dynamic is T1 transformation. Its symmetry is E8.

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