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Larisa Očeretna

Summer School

Class of 2008


Larisa Očeretna is originally from Ukraine, where from 1997-2002 she studied clothes design and technology at the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. She then went to the Technical University of Liberec in the Czech Republic, Faculty of Textile Engineering and Department of Nonwovens, for her PhD. While there she has worked with a team developing nanofibers and searching for nanofiber applications. She has focused on the modeling of fluid flow through porous media using lattice gas cellular automata (LGCA). She is currently working on her PhD thesis and is an assistant professor in the Department of Textile Evaluation, where she teaches second-year students about textile goods.

Project: Electrospun Nanofiber Webs–Investigation of the Structure

This project targets a better interpretation of the nanofiber webs obtained by electrospinning. Mathematica code will be written to generate random porous structures with more realistic porosity and distribution than the present model. Random walks will then be applied, using embedded loops instead of straight segments. The initial shape of these loops will be given by differential equations stemming from the movement of the electrospun fibre. The trajectory of the fibers’ impact on a solid surface will then be studied empirically.

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