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Narine Manukyan

Summer School

Class of 2008


Narine Manukyan is from Armenia. She studies informatics and applied mathematics at Yerevan State University.

Project: IntegerBase.Program-Size Complexity and Mathematica

Given an integer, one can ask for the shortest representation in the Mathematica language that produces the integer. For each integer there are an infinite number of possible expressions that produce it. The main purpose of the project is to write an application able to store the formulas, score them according to a function based on program-size complexity and, when requested, retrieve the list of expressions sorted by their score for the given integer. As part of the project we plan to look for the best scoring functions from a set of possible scoring functions by test-driven developing techniques, which means to write the tests cases first and then to look for the functions that best fit the tests.

Each integer representation will be stored into the file system organized in the following way: a directory is created with the name of the first 15 digits of the integer and containing a text file with the integer representation, date of entry, author name, and comments by the author. If there is more than one representation for the same integer then all will be stored in the same text file.

As the result of the submission the information is stored in a box. The final scoring function will contain the information from the best scoring functions according to the tests.

Favorite Radius 3/2 Rule

Rule 2032

This is rule number 2032 evaluated for 3500 steps. For me it’s interesting, because I have no idea how it will look after about 10000 steps. In particular I am interested in whether it will keep growing and putting bigger and bigger triangles into its background or will start to die from some point and finally become a big triangle.