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Anahit Manasyan

Summer School

Class of 2008


Anahit Manasyan says, “I was born in 1981 in the first Christian country–Armenia. From 1998–2000 I was studying in the State Engineering University of Yerevan in the Faculty of Engineering Management, after which I decided to change my major and to study marketing–commerce–in the French University of Armenia till 2005. Now I am a PhD student and do research in the field of International marketing–commerce for developing countries. I am going to apply Mathematica in this field, for forecasting the consumers’ behavior after seeing the advertisement and, finally, for planning exact quantity of production.”

Project: Cellular Automaton Media Strategy

Today, the majority of the developing countries that are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are confronted with several difficulties in exporting their products to other member countries. Mainly, the problem is that they are not well represented in the international market. For example, in the case that well known brands have been present for several years (advertised for a long time) in those countries, the “newcomers”–that is, brands recently entering the market–are mostly ignored by consumers.

It is obvious that the power of being well presented and more greatly consumed is a development of active marketing strategy, i.e. presentation of the product in the new market, which is mostly realized through media coverage. This is often considered an expensive method, and it can yield less results than were originally expected (sometimes the media expenses are not justified, mainly because of the wrong media strategy). In such cases, representation was carried out according to the conventional way (that is practically used).

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