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Eric Küpper

Summer School

Class of 2007


Eric Küpper is a student at Eton College, who plans to finish next year. This year, he is planning on applying to universities in the United States, where he will study physics. At the moment he is very interested in particle physics and quantum theory. Last summer for a few weeks he worked in Prof. Hänsch’s group at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in a junior research group. His outdoor hobbies include skiing, tennis and scuba diving.

Project: Analyzing the Complexity of System Including BitXOr and BitAnd

The purpose of this project was to systematically investigate the behavior of the rules x -> BitXor[a x, b x] and x -> BitAnd[a x, b x]. Typically, a rule space with a simple definition will contain those with simple behavior as well as some with interesting behavior. Even those with simple behavior are likely to be a challenge to completely understand their behavior. It will also be interesting to find some with complex behavior that contain localized structures.

In the context of the Summer School project, after substantially improving the Mathematica 6 code for the above algorithm we have addressed the question: how do different trinet computations react to and/or resist perturbations, such as the loss of a portion of the graph, or a temporary alteration of an algorithm parameter?

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