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Kallol Das

Summer School

Class of 2007


Kallol Das is an assistant professor and head of the physics department at St. Aloysius College in Jabalpur, India. His present research includes optical, electrical, and mechanical properties of polymers. He is a longtime Mathematica enthusiast and has organized several educational events to teach educators about Mathematica. He is interested in homeopathy, Indian spiritual philosophy and Reiki.

Project: Visualization of Leaf Patterns using a Game Pad

The first project is to make easily generated leaf patterns using a game pad and Mathematica Player for school children. They can then compare actual leaf patterns with the computer generated patterns and prepare a data base.

The second project is to use Manipulate to compare 3D geometric patterns along with cellular automata patterns with photographs of sea shells.

Favorite Outer Totalistic Three-Color Rule

Rule chosen: 14008052