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Martijn Cloos

Summer School

Class of 2007


Currently, Martijn Cloos is collaborating on a project studying the kinetics of laser-induced thrombus formation in capillary vessels as part of his thesis for his master’s degree in biomedical physics at the University of Amsterdam. His focus in this project is on image analysis and modeling. Apart from biomedical physics, he has strong interests in theoretical and computational physics, trying to combine these fields whenever possible. He also likes to jog, hike and help with promotional/supplementary programs about science education for children.

Project: Synchronization of Connected Neurons

In neuroscience there are theories that suggest that synchronization of connected neurons is essential for information processing, investigating the properties of coupled cellular automata, the synchronization of neurons can be investigated. Starting from different initial conditions, properties of the system, such as relaxation time, can be explored.

Here is a pilot version of the model showing the first 20 steps of the evolution:

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