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Daniel de Souza Carvalho

Summer School

Class of 2007


Daniel is a masters student studying electrical engineering at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the same time, he studies computer engineering at Braz Cubas University and works for Brasil Telecom as a data center system architect. His theses are about the use of interactive learning objects for engineering education.

He first became interested in computing when he was a student at the Technical High School of Data Processing (CSJT Brazil). He has vast experience applying computing to resolve business problems such as data base management, data migration, integration and interfaces, system development, analysis and architecture. His interests include cellular automata, grammar, formal languages, and especially NKS.

Project: 2D Splitting Substitution Systems with Four Neighbors

This pure NKS research project explores the evolution of a 2D substitution system that splits cells (as opposed to just changing colors) depending on the values of neighboring cells. We expect to find trivial and nested motifs, but we hope that by performing an exhaustive search over all possible rules we can find more interesting and complex cases.

Project-Related Demonstrations

Substitution System Defined by Splitting Each Cell into Four

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Favorite Outer Totalistic Three-Color Rule

Rule chosen: 50010

At the set of 315 – 1, my favorite outer totalistic CA is 50010. It’s a typical Class 4 that keeps the Class 2 repetitive border patterns with the complex and unexpected patterns of Class 3 CAs in the central reigon. Our natural pattern recognition abilities make it easy for humans to identify Class 4 CAs, but it’s hard to create an algorithm that separates the repetitive borders from the dynamic behavior in the center.