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Allen Taylor

Summer School

Class of 2006


Allen teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He has written numerous computer books, mostly about databases. He is interested in optimizing network topologies with reference to multiple objectives.

Project: Deterministic Generation of Attack-Resistant Networks

Networks are ubiquitous in all areas of life. In electrical engineering, communication networks and power-transmission networks are important. Key characteristics are cost, performance, and resilience to random faults. An emerging need is resilience in the face of intelligent, deliberate attack. Current models of communication networks compare them to scale-free networks, which are grown by semi-randomly placing edges to an existing “seed” graph. I will investigate deterministic network growth algorithms and compare them against the best current scale-free models for cost, performance, resilience to random faults, and for resilience in the face of intelligent, deliberate attack.

Favorite Four-Color, Radius-1/2 Rule

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