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Fabio Tokio Miki

Summer School

Class of 2005


Fabio Tokio Miki was born in Brazil on October 5, 1975, and is currently working in software development, with a company that provides solutions for electronic transactions. He is a M.Sc. student at the University of Mackenzie in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There his thesis work is in NKS.

Project: Finite-State Machine Diagram

Finite-state machines (FSM) are machines that can process strings of symbols, known as regular languages. FSM can have connections between each other, when the regular language that one recognizes contains the regular language recognized by another. In this project, the aim is to create a “Finite-State Machine Diagram,” showing relations between different machines in alphabet size two. We made a data flow analysis (DFA) diagram with two and three states.

Favorite Four-Color, Nearest-Neighbor, Totalistic Rule

Rule chosen: 586797

I have done this exercise to learn and practice some Mathematica functions. First I have implemented a simple criterion to filter some rules, along with a function to watch for different initial conditions and colors. Observing them, I have chosen one with which I found something interesting. The rule, 586797, has a random behavior and shows patterns during the CA evolution that look like a “twister.”