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Evangelos Georgiadis

Summer School

Class of 2005


Evangelos Georgiadis, for the time being, plans to dedicate himself exclusively to outstanding issues in NKS and mathematics before reverting back to his intended journey.

Project: Simple Deterministic Rules in International Relations

I investigated implications of simple deterministic rules in international relations. The objective was to look at a two-alliance, multi-power system with a simple deterministic alliance-switching rule and two alternate power-updating rules. I then varied power number, initial power for each, and the initial alliance configuration. Previous investigations led to two basic forms of behavior, each rather simple but one less stable than the other. One leads rapidly to a hegemony case and the other ends in stable cycles with each country close to each other. This current research allowed me to observe subtle intermediate variants between the previous behaviors: bounded regions, longer cycles, and intractable cases.

Favorite Four-Color, Nearest-Neighbor, Totalistic Rule

Rule chosen: 969292