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Katarina Miljkovic

Summer School

Class of 2004


Composer Katarina Miljkovic’s works have been performed at major music festivals in her native Yugoslavia and around the world. Currently, she is on the faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Ms. Miljkovic’s Rondo, Sequence for String Orchestra was performed on international tours of the Belgrade String Orchestra in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Russia, China, and Great Britain, at venues such as the Beijing Concert Hall, the Moscow Conservatory Big Concert Hall, and the Bulgaria Symphony Hall. Her work Swifts, Sequence for Symphonic Orchestra was performed by the Belgrade Radio Orchestra and later by the Athens Symphony Orchestra, and broadcast internationally. Her compositions have garnered the October Award from the city of Belgrade and the Josip Slavenski and Vasilije Mokranjac Awards from the University of Belgrade. Ms. Miljkovic has written for symphony orchestra, string orchestra and various ensembles.

She has been exploring the relationship of fractal geometry of nature and music composition. This led her to Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind Of Science and a compositional process that explores how the germ of a musical idea can generate a complex structure. Her compositions based on these ideas have been recently released by Sachimay Records.

Project: Mapping Simple Programs into Sound

The focus of the project is mapping CA into sound from Mathematica.

The goal of the project is to create facilities in Mathematica that would enable its users to hear sound representation of NKS phenomena in an organic and immediate way.

Three systems will be examined: Turing machines, rules, and substitution systems.

Each system will be mapped in a different way, according to its nature and estimated best sound result. Special care will be taken to create mapping that would transcend a visual representation of the chosen system, already embedded in Mathematica.

Favorite Two-Color, Radius-2 Rule

Rule chosen: 7474