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Anthony Martin

Summer School

Class of 2004


Anthony Martin is a physics and math student at Indiana University in Bloomington. Before coming to the Summer School he had done some work on the 3n+1 problem, and he is currently studying string theory. His interests include cycling, hiking, and 2.999% APR.

Project: Generalized Register Machines: The Key to the Universe

Generalized register machines (register machines comprising general update rules, as opposed to increments and decrement-jumps by fixed numbers) are relatively uninvestigated. To analyze the progress of register machines executing generalized update steps, the update operations, the number of registers, and the number of update steps will be variable.

In particular, register values will be modified by polynomials of n variables, where n is the number of registers, that alter one or more of the n registers via p[a], where a is in Rn and represents the state of the registers. The classification of registers will be according to apparent complexity, practical applicability, and the presence of a stable state.

Favorite Two-Color, Radius-2 Rule

Rule chosen: 1149018855