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Martin Schneider

Summer School

Class of 2003


At present Martin is a guest student in a course on Textile Design and a graduate student in both the Ilmenau Technical University and the University of Osnabrück, pursuing a Media Technology Diploma and a Masters in Cognitive Science, respectively. His main interest is in tool making and growing artifacts. In 2001 he was the proud creator of the Genius Bodybuilder, which he describes as, “tool for the avaLUTION of EVOtars”. It has received two major awards in Germany. Martin can also boast some practical experience both as a journalist (for the german youth-magazine Jetzt ) and as researcher of neural networks and interface design at the Fraunhofer Institute. In his spare time he loves to do “literary engineering” (writing short stories, etc.). In fact, he received a young authors Foster Prize for a story named “Bit Salat”. The experience has left him unsure about whether he should become a famous scientist or a famous writer! Martin used his “Brother Knitking” knitting machine to follow Cellular Automata patterns and produce the first Rule 110 garment, which had it world-debut at this first NKS Summer School.

Project: Tools for Rules and a New Kind of Knitting

The Prime Goal of this project is to explore the Application of Cellular Automata and Network Automata to the Domain of Textile Design. Furthermore the Dynamics of simple Network Automata (NAs) will be explored and compared with results from standard CAs. I will also do Experiments that are concerned with embedding of one-dimensional CAs in higher dimensional CAs, reversibility, sideways-evolvability, and develop a unifying model for constraint systems and cellular automata.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

Rule Chosen: 4148409871461