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Mark Hays

Summer School

Class of 2003


Mark has spent 20 years in IT, rising to the position of Chief Technology Officer with a Fortune 200 company. He has led the successful launch of new products and services for five companies–including product packaging, marketing campaigns, sales presentations, and the design of implementation and customer support programs. Among these, a company that built the first AI-driven patient information system for healthcare. Mark mentions AI, security and creative thinking as his areas of expertise. His high profile awards include a First Place from Bill Gates at Windows World Open, 1995.

Project: Leaf geometry and L-systems

Using the DXF import plug-in for Mathematica, I was able to design and import biologically accurate leaf geometry–and link this to L-system analysis.

I have found that the current approach to L-system design is inadequate and outdated. Since Lindenmayer proposed L-systems in 1968, morphometric data sets and analytic models have become much more sophisticated and complex. I’ve come up with a way (new, I think) to organize and manage L-system syntax, rules and data–that supports current ‘open’ standards and technology.