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Dimitry Gashinsky

Summer School

Class of 2003


In 1997 Dimitry graduated from New York University with a BA in Computer Science. He started working in software engineering as a 16 year old. After graduating he worked for companies such as American Express, Bankers Trust, and Goldman Sachs. He also participated in starting up a few software companies. One of them, named TransIndigo by Dimitry, was aquired by RSA Security, where he is currently employed developing the rule-based authorization ClearTrust product.

Project: Symbolic Dissection of Cellular Automaton Rule Number 110

The goal of this project is to create a symbolic representation scheme for structures in rule 110. It will allow for easier experimentation and construction of programs designed to run on rule 110 cellular automaton (CA).

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

Rule Chosen: 456450848782

Reason: Three of the color CA’s that I considered produce an interesting behavior. The interesting thing about it is that on random background which looks like 2 color rule 30 there are seems to emerge patterns of particles which look like rule 110. It would be interesting to set up search for that particular behavior. I could filter out background based on color. I was unable to establish relationship between the rule number and the pattern. I did succeed in writing a graphical representation of the rule to make it easier to study.

Additional Information

Gashinsky, D. “Symbolic Dissection of Cellular Automaton Rule Number 110.” Presentation at NKS 2004, Boston, MA, 2004. [abstract] [materials]