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Kovas Boguta

Summer School

Class of 2003


Kovas Boguta fondly remembers spending hours in the 1980’s playing the Game of Life on his parents’ Macintosh Plus. While finishing a degree in Mathematics at the University of Chicago, his interest in cognitive neuroscience led him to rediscover the world of cellular automata–and to eagerly await the publication of A New Kind of Science. Since its publication in May 2002, Kovas has been focused on absorbing its contents. In March 2003 he become a member of the Wolfram Science Group, where he now works on the Wolfram Atlas of Simple Programs.

Project: An Empirical Investigation of Simple Pushdown Automata

Pushdown automata are a well-known computational system. Yet although they have been prominent in theoretical computer science for many decades, little empirical investigation of their typical behavior has been done. The purpose of this study is to explore the behavior of the simplest pushdown automata.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton