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Mohammed AlQuraishi

Summer School

Class of 2003


Mohammed, who professes to have been programming since aged 6, founded a company in the San Francisco Bay Area in his junior year at high school. The startup specialized in making software for wireless and small electronic devices. He graduated from Santa Clara University with Bachelors Degrees in Computer Engineering and Biology, with a minor in Mathematical Logic. At present he is working on formulating a programmatic approach to biology, which treats genetic programs as merely another version of computer programs. He believes that this approach will ultimately yield a quantitative science of biology, based on a theoretical foundation with predictive and descriptive power.

Project: Multi-Agent Interaction Modeling

This project shall attempt to better understand interactions that occur amongst autonomous agents modeled by simple rule-based behavior. The exposition shall be carried out in the context of Multi-Headed Turing Machines, initially in one-dimension, with two states and two colors. This configuration may be expanded if necessary to better delineate the interactions occurring between agents of differing built-in behavior.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

Rule Chosen: 30174

Reason: Rule 30174 was interesting in that it generated non-standard triangles, triangles that are essentially chipped off from the top left corner. This was the case with random and non-random initial conditions.