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Wolfram High School
Summer Research Program

Formerly known as the Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Bentley University, Boston, MA June 25–July 13, 2024


Alexander Do

Class of 2023


Alexander's interests lie in the union of computer science and mathematics to solve real-world problems. Having done research in the intersection of machine learning and medical image analysis, he has seen the ability of technology to be leveraged to create societal impact. He has competed in computer science and mathematics competitions, earning an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Mathematical Contest in Modeling, second place among RPI teams at the 2023 ICPC NAQ and top five percent in the 2023 IMC Trading Prosperity competition, and he qualified for the 2022 Math League National Championships. He is an Eagle Scout with 103 merit badges and enjoys his time in the outdoors.

Project: Mapping Reactivity in Organic Chemistry