Wolfram High School
Summer Research Program

Formerly known as the Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Bentley University, Boston, MA June 25–July 13, 2024


Damian Musk

Class of 2021


Damian Musk is an aspiring physicist currently doing computational and theoretical research work at Caltech and Fermilab Theory in quantum gravity and quantum information. Similarly passionate about fiction writing and musical performance and composition, Damian enjoys exploring the interplay between music and science, hoping to bring scientific sensibilities to his art and artistic sensibilities to his research. He is also enthralled by the art of teaching, leading multiple science and anthropology courses as he tries to broaden the accessibility and quality of current STEM education through his association with and leadership in various nonprofit organizations. At Wolfram, Damian hopes to further realize these interconnecting passions and better integrate the Wolfram Language into his scientific skillset.

Project: On Wolfram-Based Simplicial Decomposition via the Causal Dynamical Triangulation Formalism