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Wolfram High School
Summer Research Program

Formerly known as the Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Bentley University, Boston, MA June 25–July 13, 2024


Tanay Reddy

Class of 2018


Tanay Reddy is at present an 11th grader at Dougherty Valley High School. While interested in various subjects and activities, he is especially fascinated by math and robotics. He is an avid member of his school's Mu Alpha Theta charter, and moreover participates in a plethora of math competitions, including but certainly not limited to the AMC and AIME. As a lead programmer, he also led his VEX Robotics team through many victories, as well as qualification to the national level. While he does use C++ to program robots, he is also Java Certified by Oracle and is consequently especially fluent in Java. In his free time, Tanay enjoys playing the clarinet, reading, and listening to music.

Project: An Implementation of the Merkle-Hellman Knapsack Cryptosystem