Jamie Lim

Class of 2019


Jae Yoon Lim is a rising junior at Milton Academy in Massachusetts. He has a deep interest in signal processing, especially audio processing and engineering. He looks forward to meeting great minds at Wolfram and learning more about his fields of interest. He also dreams of creating his original audio plugin for musicians that will be applicable in many musical fields. In his free time, he enjoys producing music and playing the guitar.

Project: Musical Audio Analysis of Human Dialogue


The goal of this project is finding the difference in the tone of different dialogues through the translating of human dialogue into music. Music has different keys that the music is in. How about human dialogue translated into music? I would like to translate speech or dialogue of people into the language of music and observe the connection between the tone of the speech and the musical key of the speech. I’m interested in applying such idea to an automatic translator or speech transcription through voice.

Summary of Results

  • The bigger dynamic range there is in the dialogue’s volume, the louder and the bigger dynamic range there was in the musical translation.
  • The translation into music can be set into different modes of music (Locrian, Aeolian, Dorian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Phrygian).

Future Work

  • Exploring alternate ways to translate dialogue into music, such as incorporating velocity as a part of the file quantity
  • Putting all translations into the same musical key and tempo