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Ahmed Elbanna

Science and Technology

Class of 2019


Ahmed Elbanna is a lecturer and researcher at Tanta University, Egypt. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Statistics in 2018 from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. His research focuses on networks, random graphs, data analysis and modeling. He likes traveling, video games, photography and more.

Computational Essay: Collecting, Visualizing, and Analyzing Egyptian Pyramids Data

Project: Monitoring the development and spread of cities


We will monitor the development of certain cities and check the directions of spreading. First, we will aggregate the data at hand, which will be satellite images, and investigate available methods to obtain it. We will use statistical models to predict the future development and direction of spread for certain areas.

Summary of Results

We were able to collect satellite images in using two methods and showed how we can use them in order to predict the next urban or overall development. We designed a customized model that is able to produce results using small datasets.

Future Work

The model is in its early stage. More investigation into available methods is needed. We still do not know how the NearestNeighbor method will behave. Also, there may be other APIs that allow more data to be imported, which may give better results.