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Qi Xie

Summer School

Class of 2015


My name is Qi Xie. I am a mathematics major at Amherst College. I was born and raised in Beijing, China and came to the States for college. I have a broad range of interests including reading, creative writing, foreign languages, mathematics, behavioral economics, psychology, travel, visiting museums and learning new stuff in general. I am interested in data analytics and plan to pursue a masters or PhD in a related field.

Project: AskReddit Explorer

The AskReddit Explorer provides sentiment, profanity and topic analysis of the most recent posts in the AskReddit forum (a popular subforum on Reddit). Most of these posts are questions that might begin like “Redditors, what’s your favorite…?” Using the Classify function in Mathematica 10.1, my mentor and I analyzed the posts based on the three criteria mentioned above.

Users of the microsite will be able to see the most recent posts in AskReddits neatly organized based on their sentiment, whether they contain profanity and their topic. The original website does not provide similar functions.