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Maxime Moreau

Summer School

Class of 2006


Maxime Moreau has a BA in architectural science from Laval University, Canada, and a master’s in architecture from the University of Montréal, Canada. Maxime Moreau recently founded Open Form Architecture (OFA) with three other award-winning architecture interns, Maurice Martel, Darrel Ronald, and Minh Tuan Khai Le. Open Form Architecture defines an architecture practice as a satellite studio wherein partners join together to work on projects, competitions and exhibitions. The team join designers working in different cities, even different countries: Montréal, Los Angeles, Paris, and Rotterdam.

OFA seeks to define a new practice of contemporary architecture based on complex tools such as programming, generative algorithms, bio-mimetic software, and associative design in order to arrive at a nonstandard practice wherein the formal investigations are endless, open forms.

Since 2001, OFA has participated in the Concours du Musée de la Nation Huronne Wandat (Finalist); City of Skyscrapers, Biennale of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Third Prize); the Il Ponticello International Charrette, Montréal (Mention); Beirut Martyrs’ Square Competition; the City Crossing International Competition, Winnipeg; the Abbaye Cistercienne d’Oka; Théâtre de Terrebonne; and the Bibliothèque de Châteauguay.

Project: Space between Cellular Automata: Reworking the Spatial Division in Architecture

Basic ideas of this project:

  1. Reworking the fundamental rule of the descriptive walls method
  2. Reworking the spatial division = reworking the lifestyle inside the space and its essence
  3. Reworking the internal relationships
  4. Investigate new methods that can become the manifestations of their era

Favorite Four-Color, Radius-1/2 Rule

Rule chosen: 1002785464